Children's bad habits and how to deal with them
  Even the little fidgets are bad habits that can bring a parent to desire to chew their own nails. But don't despair! Expert advice will help you cope with…

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The Development of thinking and imagination of the child
  Imagination makes our life colorful, emotional, unique, helps to move away from the usual stereotypes. For the development of imagination invite your child to come up with a new…

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Parents Dream book, what dream Parents dreaming


Parents – If you see your parents in the dream cheerful and happy – it foretells harmony in relationships with loved ones. The fate bless you, your personal and professional life will delight you. If you dream you see the parents relaxed and happy in your party – you are in for a pleasant change. A young woman this dream usually portends a happy and secured married. If parents are pale and dressed all in black – you are in for serious disappointment. If they look unhealthy or sad from time to time luck will get you a party. If they have you after his death is a warning of impending trouble: you must be particularly careful in their Affairs.

Dream interpretation of the sorceress Medea

Parents in the book of dreams:

Parents Reflect the qualities, good or bad, which you inherited from your parents and find out yourself. Parents to see in a nice setting and circumstances – the well-being of your life. Deceased parents come to you with the threat the disapproval of your Affairs and their deterioration. Talking with deceased parents – get help, support.

The esoteric dream book E. Tsvetkova

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Critical PARENT!


When I want to know how critical were the parents, I ask the person two questions:

1) What did your mother say when you wanted to criticize?

2) What did your mother say when she wanted to cheer you on, to praise, to support?

If the first question people respond immediately, not long rummaging through the memories, and lists a number of unflattering definitions or hesitate to repeat the words of the mother, and the second can’t remember any nice words, it means that he was raised critical parent.

Silence, deep feelings, tears in response to the first question suggests the same. In dysfunctional families the ratio of censure and praise is at least 10:1. To equalize this ratio or even reach 1:10.

The classic type critical parent is a demanding parent in extreme severity, demanding an extremist. In any critical behavior of the parent finds a drawback, you can specify that you can criticize negatively evaluated.

Criticism is necessary for parents to control the lives of their sons and daughters, to impose their will, be forced to accept what is to be said.

The style of criticism can be as obvious

“You’re something can be done sensibly or you have two left hands?”,

and hidden . enclosed in double message.

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