Children's deceptions: looking for causes and preventable
For most parents, the deception of the child is perceived very painful. More recently, a kid was "innocent angel", every action reflected only real. As time passed and came the…

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The education of the Child, the Severity or Softness?
  For many new parents this is a difficult question the severity or softness in the child's upbringing. The vast majority of new parents soon find the answer to this…

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Is it necessary to Change the Natural Cycle of Development, Or a Few Words About Unconditional Love


Many people are concerned today about the intellectual development of their children. It acquires the features of almost mass psychosis. The term “early development”, which implies it is the development of intelligence. Reached and the process of pregnancy. There was even a special “educational” programs implemented with the speakers placed at the maternal abdomen, from which emanate a special rhythmic signals that stimulate certain brain structures. In addition to “specially organized animal” the child came to be regarded as “computer”, stuffed with “programs” that need in whatever was to “enable”. Intellectual in diapers – here is a new ideal, a new generation of “king of nature”, which appropriated to itself the right to ignore its laws.

Early intellectual development . early puberty, premature aging – whether in this series some similarities? Everything in nature obeys the rhythm. She for all time. Or, and here she made a mistake? The human mind is not limited to the intellect and has many prerequisites and conditions for its development.

The development is implemented through many stages. One of them is in utero . But this is not the time for intelligence (as well as the first years of extrauterine life). At this time, the child semiotician with nature, he is all one. Not a woman, and all nature is pregnant with this child. A woman is only a tool, a facilitator. And we have no right to dictate terms. Birth is an act of a kind of “rejection”, the loss of symbiosis. And that in itself is a trauma. But nature gives man the intelligence to come to harmony in relationships, and the mind to come again to the lost symbiosis. Step by step, gradually leading him to this goal.

Early stimulation of the development of intelligence is a gross interference in the natural program for which you have to pay nothing more than incomplete or distorted implementation. And even developed, “stimulated” the intellect is not able to “finish” what are unable to make nature thanks to the efforts of her “king”.

The period of prenatal development – period of symbiosis child with nature, the period of their mutual love and need this symbiosis to maintain, you need to give the child the nature, for we are losing her, he loses it with us. And along with this lost Love, without which the mind – unfeeling computer, dry intellect, dismembering and analyzing, beating in fruitless attempts to understand that without Love he is not given to understand.

Our love for children is so unlike the Love that children bring with them. Love is unconditional, without any “self”. They know how to think about yourself. We must recognize that our love is more like affection and true Love is what we should learn from them.

But instead, they learn from us our love. Loving children, we want them to be like us, but did not commit our mistakes. And they become like us, but stubbornly repeating our mistakes. Every child is a monument to his parents. And the pain that we sometimes hurt our children – not the pain whether it’s from meeting with yourself, with your own qualities?

First of all, we need to learn to love children for their sake, not for himself. And this is best we can teach themselves. Like crying F. Leboye “Let women know, feel: “I’m his mother, ” not “This is my child”.