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How the relationship between parents affect the development and education of the child?


I asked Light – Goddess, Julia – Miss Julie, the other girls about what interesting things I have learned in the previous training module.

A lot of that is so important for the majority of the theme of how family relationships and parenting.

I promised the Light to tell what it was valuable, so I will try to create one or even several themes, where will present different utility. If you interesting and need, then I will continue. If it turns out that not really need and not super interested, that’s OK too. I it still already know

Give small portions. One thought – one topic for discussion.

Well, here, for example, this:

As the relationship between parents affect the development and education of the child?

– Striking was the following observation: when the parents are close to each other, emotionally spend more time with each other than the patient, the patient’s condition improves. When either parent becomes more emotionally connected with the patient than with the other parent, then the patient is immediately and automatically getting worse. When parents have emotional intimacy, then they can’t choose the wrong approach to the education of the patient. The patient responds well to the hardness, the softness, the sentence, “talk openly” or any other educational measures. When parents are “emotionally divorced”, any and every educational measure is not successful.

What do you think? In my opinion, extremely valuable idea. It says that parents that have a good, close relationship (trust, understanding, love, etc.) help the child grow up healthy and happy, as if they was raised. Of course, there are more correct ways of parenting and less correct, but if the parents order in their personal relationships, the child will grow up healthy.

If parents have a troubled relationship, no matter what advanced technology education they may apply, practice and research shows that there’s not much they can do good for the child.

In my opinion, very important and deep thought. That’s why I said that almost every thought that I have written down, can be separate very important topic. Now I propose to discuss the information offered. What do you think? Unexpectedly this for you? Do you agree? What do you say from your experience? How will it affect you what you learned about family relationships today?