How to raise a child, without spoiling it?
  The problem of raising children will always be relevant, because of proper education options are countless. Z. Freud at the time said that parents do, they will still raise…

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Poems about parents poems, literature
just remember as parents in childhood was pampered and cared for us. Many of us don't appreciate that and take for granted what they've done for us now and then.…

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Healthy child – happy parents

Is the world a substance that can restore
physical health,
able to lift up his soul,
help him to become a tolerant, kind, loving.
This substance – HONEY!

Dear Mom and Dad! Are you familiar with this picture: your child is tired and cranky? The child, even in kindergarten gets tired quickly, it is difficult to fulfill all the requirements of educators.
It often comes from kindergarten tired and pale, with circles under his eyes and did not want to go there again. The child has a poor appetite, he had frequent colds, etc.
Do you know, dear parents, that vitamin deficiency leads to starvation of the cells in your child, particularly affected brain cells.
A growing body of the child is particularly susceptible to stress – physical and mental. Hence – the overall fatigue, weakness. Children’s bodies are more susceptible to the environment and various diseases.
The inevitable consequence – lagging behind their peers in development, nervous excitement and exhaustion.

The statistics speak for themselves:
1. To date, for admission to the first grade 10% of children already have the disease. At the end of the 11th grade – 94% of the chronically ill.
2. Beriberi in Russia is a year-round nature of the – of vitamin C – 97% of the population deficit of vitamin B – 80%.
3. 50% of children have a lingering inflammation – gastritis, pyelonephritis.
4. 40% of bronchopulmonary system is weakened.
5. 80% – bad blood composition.
6. Children are more intoxicated than adults, because their detoxification system is much weaker.
7. “Children of age. While at the cellular level … “- that knazyvaetsya article by Professor Head. Department of Tomsk honey. University of Sukhanov – ‘

It’s no secret – old children suffer diseases – diseases rejuvenated:
– Prostatitis, a disease of men older than 40 years suffer from the boys 16-20 years.
– Breast, sick girl in 16 years.
– Osteochondrosis know about children, and 15 and 7 years old.
– Kidney stones are found even among newly born children.
– Neoplasms, mental disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular system, vascular changes occur in children 3-5 years.

Strictly speaking. In 90% of children in such circumstances, the brain can not perceive and retain academic information. There is degradation and extinction of the population. Healthy children born in Russia less than 3% (or maybe you have a sick person born a healthy child?)

According to the World Health Organization’s health depends on 4 factors:
– The environment (20%)
– Heredity (20%)
– Health care (10%)
– Lifestyle, which primarily includes food – 50%.

This factor affects us from the first days of life until the last.
The man, especially a child, should receive from food to 600 ingredients, and receives only 80-120. A child is born an average of 50 cm. To adulthood he grows because eating.
Food – building material, from which our body is built. The body has a system of substitution – if not desired substance, it is taken like. It’s like pasting wallpaper = – you’ve come to buy wallpaper paste and glue in a good shop there and you take the one that is much worse. Pokleit wallpaper, you can, but how efficiently and how long will they stay?

Nutrients determine the health and life of man. Disturbances in power always lead to some negative consequences. This will help us to the very nature of Her Majesty.

First Russian Apitsentr Health offers a look seriously at the age-old Russian products for health and longevity – bee products. This complete dietary food. Honey is translated from the ancient – giving life. MED-on and Chi – the energy of life. In apiculture products contain 600 ingredients necessary man, all trace elements, amino acids and vitamins. There are 2 product in nature, which is completely absorbed by 100% – this is the mother’s milk and apiarian products.

Bee products provide child’s body because it needs energy. This natural energy! The use of bee products gives the child strength, health, vigor, the ability to develop well, less tired.

Obtained excellent results: increased vitality, better ability to learn, improve appetite, sleep. Bee products help boost the immune system of the child. Those children, whose diet of honey products are always present, rarely get sick.

Protection – that the action of bee products. This Health Program. And the program is delicious, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use. By investing in yourself, in the food, you’ll get much more expensive effect – the joy of a healthy body!
The program includes three basic products:

1.Pchelinaya obnozhka:
Balanced foods, pollen, processed by bees, millions of grains of future plants.
– Food for the brain, a report of oxygen to the brain. Product Honors.
– Increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood.
– Normalize all metabolic processes.
– Solves the problem of dysbiosis.
Without bee pollen on one honey bees can not grow their own children. It’s the most powerful natural vitamin and antibiotic. 30g. Bee pollen daily covers the body’s need for vitamins and minerals.

Bee obnozhka maintain cleanliness all organs and tissues at the cellular level. It lowers blood cholesterol, has anti-tumor and radioprotective effects, retards the growth of microorganisms in the intestine and regulates its function, stimulates the immune system, increases appetite, enhances mental and physical performance, prolongs life.
And that is not all positive effects of pollen. It enhances the action of many medications. It does not have allergic effects. In nature, there is no analogue of food, equal to him in the concentration of all the constituent components necessary for the proper functioning of our body.

2. Ambrosia. It obnozhka bee, held lactic acid fermentation in the hive. By its value exceeds the bees. Obnozhka 3-5.
Clinical trials have shown that problems such as – anemia, heart failure, cerebrovascular accident, heart attack, hepatitis, gastric ulcer, allergy, flu, male infertility, pregnancy pathology, craniocerebral injury.

3. Royal molochko.Elitnoe food in the hive. With matochnog jelly and bee pollen bee larvae grow 1,500 times in 3 days. The royal jelly defined growth factors, hormones, 15 minerals, 22 amino acids, enzymes, vitamins in large quantities.
According to scientists, royal jelly can significantly increase the activity of protective mechanisms of human rights. Increases human endurance, it helps the body recover after stress, increases resistance to stress, infections.
It is especially necessary for people overworked physical and psychological stress, as well as for children and the elderly. Ensure the normal functioning of the brain, causing alertness, improves vision, memory, regulates davlenie.Obladaet anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effect.
And this is not a complete list of his ozdorvlivayuschih properties.
Those who are interested please contact individually. Thank you and good luck!