Who takes care of the child after the divorce according to the Law?
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Children in carousel divorce - developmental psychology
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Children’s hearing loss: how to identify and what to do


Here they are – the long-awaited first words uttered by the baby: “Mom, dad, Lala…”. A toddler quickly learned the wisdom of communication, another little world of words is harder. But one in a thousand newborns stubbornly silent, and adults often do not realize that the reason for the hearing impaired, with which the child was born. If the parents of the first months of baby’s life will not take decisive measures, the child will never hear human speech, and therefore, will not learn to speak.

As the time to suspect that a baby has a hearing problem?

Causes of hearing loss are many. The kid can bad to hear:

● if he was born prematurely and/or weighed at birth less than 1.5 kg;

● if immediately after birth, the child couldn’t breathe, got intracranial injury during childbirth;

● if during pregnancy the mother suffered a dangerous infection (rubella, influenza, herpes, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis);

● if the mother during pregnancy were treated with ototoxic drugs (some antibiotics, diuretics);

● if the hearing loss can be hereditary disease in the family;

● with genetic disorders.

What to pay attention

How to test hearing baby? Doctors have not yet learned to determine whether the child hears in the womb. But methods almost immediately after the birth to say exactly whether the infant hears, exist. In Scandinavia, for example, all newborns are screened for hearing loss by the method of registration of otoacoustic emissions. It is an objective method of diagnosis, so it can be applied to the study of hearing even the smallest to. Unfortunately, in our country don’t have the practice of hearing screening in all newborns. Therefore, parents need to be attentive and watch the crumbs:

● whether the child Flinches at the loud sounds in the first 2-3 weeks of life?

● ”Stops” hearing the voice of adults at the age of 2-3 weeks?

● Lee Turns the head to the voice of the mother at the age of 1-3 months, and at the age of 4 months – in the direction of the sounding toy?

● Responding and a half to six months, a cry or a wide open eye to sharp sounds?

● Gulit in two to four months? Does this goo in the babble in 4-5 months?

● to see whether he’s got a new (emotional) talk with the appearance of the parents?

● Appear in the child at the age of 8-10 months any new sounds?

If after such observation parents alerted, they should show the baby the doctor.

The consequence of diseases

In case of doubt, contact the specialists with the baby and older ones too are beset by troubles: your hearing may suffer from a disease (meningitis, encephalitis, severe forms of measles and mumps), frequent otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear sometimes occurs without noticeable symptoms), from the medication that gives problems with the ears, from traumatic brain injuries.

A contribution and technical progress, testing our ear excessive loads. From excessively loud and prolonged sounds delicate hearing cells in the inner ear die. Only the hum of the street, not stopping day or night, is almost 90 decibels. To say nothing of the deafening roar of a jet plane (120 decibels), subway, rock-concert. Ears asked for mercy. But we do not hear their pleas and add more music, coming through the headphones ubiquitous player…

Held in the Moscow region, the survey revealed a hearing loss of more than half of repeaters! Children have become lagging simply because their time has not been examined.

Model “cartoon”

As soon as the doctor diagnosed a lesion of the hearing and acknowledged that neither the treatment nor surgery will not solve the problem (and in 90% of cases, alas, it is), it is necessary to immediately consult a hearing care professional. He will choose the child with a quality hearing aid and adjust it according to individual characteristics of the hearing loss. Only then the child with hearing problems can hear, will learn to speak, will develop normally and then will be able to study in a regular school. But hurry: hearing AIDS may pick up as early as possible, immediately after diagnosis (ideally up to six months of age).

The most favorable period for language acquisition is from 7-12 months to 3.5–4 years. Than later – the worse it gets, the greater will require the efforts of parents and the deaf-and that the child has mastered speech. If the correction of a hearing to extend to five years, to teach a child to speak coherently will be almost impossible.

Of course, the baby needs a special machine: the most durable and lightweight, invisible to others, the child is not embarrassed to wear it. Or, in contrast, bright, color, decorated with cartoon characters that became the envy of peers. Such models offer children a company specializing in the production of modern digital technology. Specialists, manufacturers of hearing instruments the requirements: it needs to be powerful, with a wide range of frequencies to accurately display the sound. Because the better the device is, the faster and better the child will learn to hear and speak, the brighter and polnozvuchno his life will be.