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How to Wake your child? How to Wake your child in the morning. How to Wake your child to school?


After long holidays, idleness and arrogant violations of the child “to fight” wakes up in the morning and refuses to meet in kindergarten. Most likely, this problem faced by almost all parents. Let us investigate the reason and how to help the baby to Wake up and not to lose the good mood.

To return the baby in a secure track

Ideally, the daily routine of a child who attends preschool, should the house be close to kindergarten. Mode — the Foundation of good health and mood. Thanks to him, is the process of formation of conditioned reflexes and habits. Children, following a schedule, suffer less from fatigue, stress and nervous exhaustion. In addition, scholars argue that the child is living according to the schedule, the better the performance.

But after a long holiday weekend schedule collapses, knocking of the internal biological clock of the child. Because disorders of sleep and wakefulness he refuses to Wake up in the morning. Tired of working adults want to relax, sleep and rest. Their plans aren’t included early waking up, cooking Breakfast, etc. and Therefore the child during this period is allowed to break all set in the family order. He can go to bed later than usual and Wake up when it’s time for dinner. Day dream given to “resign”. How to safely return the baby in a performance rut, to instil discipline in the house?

The transition is gradual and smooth

Remove in the morning at 8 o’clock out of bed by the hand, to stuff and (Yes, let hysterical) to start to put in the child’s porridge. Then active play, walking and NAPs with an hour to three. Three also forcibly removed from beds and everything under the scheme. Stuff for a night’s sleep at 9 PM in bed. But if that doesn’t help, the next day did not let us sleep during the day, stand on your head and ride to the ears, then just pass out at the right time. Three days and the system will work.

The transition to the regime should be smooth and gradual. To start preparing your child for “kindergarten weekdays” follows a few days before the end of the holiday weekend. In this case, it is better adapted to the need to keep to the schedule.

No less important factor is considered and, in fact, the duration of sleep. Recall that the norm of a full night’s sleep — 10 hours, including 1.5-2 hours NAP. Noticed also that in the bright time of the year the children are sleeping an hour less than in dark. So slight variations in the duration of sleep is natural, but only if the baby is active and happy.

Many children Wake up incorrectly

Some parents complain that they can’t put the baby to sleep during the day. After several unsuccessful attempts, they simply cancel dining dream. But it is very important for the full and harmonious development of the child, both emotional and physiological. Arrange for him to active leisure, so that the baby is tired — don’t worry, sleep will overcome, just as the child put his head on the pillow. If, despite all efforts to put the baby to sleep failed, the evening should send him to bed for a couple of hours earlier.

During sleep, the work of all internal organs, including the brain, slows down. Waking up in the blink of an eye, the child will not succeed. On awakening, focusing will take some time. Correctly Wake the child in the morning — a science. Wake up smiling and in a good mood depends entirely on the methods parents use to lift the baby out of bed.

Unfortunately, often parents Wake up the child properly. Morning mom and dad goes in severe time trouble: cooking Breakfast, preparing clothing for the child, fees for work. The refusal of the baby to get up at the first call usually causes discontent among adults. Parents can shout at the child, literally force to raise the bed and send in the bathroom. The weeping and the offense — a natural reaction of a child who barely opening his eyes, he saw instead a smiling and affectionate mother nervous and irritated. In the end, running out of the house, all family members are in a bad mood and feel unhappy for their guilt to each other.

Mechanics comfortable awakening

Psychologists give some useful recommendations on mechanics of awakening. First, it should be done softly and gently. You should not barge into the nursery like a tornado, carrying a natural disaster. Enter cautiously into the room, walk around on it — let your child feel in a dream that he was in the room alone. Brighter light is not necessary, enough for a nightlight. If you prefer a in the process of awakening to use music, it must be a slow, quiet melody. Will also fit the sounds of nature.

Secondly, in no event it is impossible to pull off with a baby blanket or pull up a pillow, shake hands or legs, splashing water in his face. Sit on the edge of the bed and gently stroke the arms and legs of the baby. The mom or dad’s voice should not be loud and rude. Gently tell him that the window faced the sun, the rays of which aim to sneak into the nursery, Recalling that time to get up. Give your child a little time to “were pulled” and emotional preparation to final awakening.

According to experts, the first thing is to see the child, opening her eyes — the subject of a yellow color, since it has a beneficial effect on the activity of the child, gives the body energy. For such a “charge” can be used, for example, a soft toy. Some experts suggest that you next to the toddler bed to put a dish of fruit. Bright colors stimulate the production of hormones endorphins, responsible for pleasure.

Well invigorate joint morning business. Ask the child, for example, to remove the dirty dishes in the sink, put the bread in the breadbasket, to give you a Shoe Polish. Toddlers love to help adults.

To Wake up not too fast

A common mistake of many parents is that on awakening they assign too little time. At first they were sorry to disrupt children’s sleep, and then they unceremoniously pulled the child out of the warm bed and require a minute to go to kindergarten. It is believed that between the beginning of awakening and, in fact, the rise must be at least 5-10 minutes.

If the child’s sleep is restless, fragmented, look for the cause. To leave this fact without “investigation” is impossible. Check out the quality of bed linen. It should be made of natural fabrics. From starched should be abandoned, because it can cause an allergic reaction on delicate skin of the child. It is very important to choose the right sleepwear that will not hamper the movement of the child. It must be seasonal: for summer perfect cotton or cotton pajamas for the winter — flannelette or fleece. For healthy sleep, it is recommended to control the temperature in the room where the baby sleeps. The best is +18°C.

Kids are often afraid of the dark, and this fear can lead to stress, up to insomnia. If your child is afraid to sleep in the dark, you need to establish a children’s nightlight. At bedtime, it is desirable to ventilate the bedroom. The child should not be hungry, however, and with a full stomach to sleep is harmful.

It is well known that either in the morning the mood affects the whole next day. Remember that in the wild the morning create a positive attitude in yourself and your child.

How to Wake your child? How to Wake your child in the morning. How to Wake your child to school?
  After long holidays, idleness and arrogant violations of the child "to fight" wakes up in the morning and refuses to meet in kindergarten. Most likely, this problem faced by…


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