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"SHOULD only child to feel loved and cherished and surrounded by a happy family, as it has become a powerful stimulus for the development of his brain.The parent task is…

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Unlike the unmotivated child stealing and plain stealing, kleptomania, as a form
  Unlike the unmotivated child stealing and plain stealing, kleptomania, as a form of behavioral addiction is a painful condition. Kleptomania is a mental disorder, a disease that is not…

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Why the baby cries


The peculiarity of newborn babies that they can’t say what’s bothering them,what they lack, but only notify crying about his suffering or inconvenience. Their crying is an inborn unconditioned reflex, which is the signal for help.

Causes of crying can be a lot, and mom must know them.

So, the baby cries differently. Every mother should understand this and feel these features with your newborn baby.

1. Crying can be a signal of inconvenience . test the baby: diapers (or nappies) is already wet and irritate his skin. Crying about a whiny, incessant, may be accompanied by hiccups, as wet diapers contribute to the cooling. If your baby sleeps in a diaper overnight, the irritant can be greatly increased volume of the diaper.

The COUNCIL. Urgently baby undress, padmavati (preferably under running water) and take air baths. If diaper change and baby warmer cover, he calms down.

2. If the child is hot . he whines, throws arms and legs, his skin turns red, it may appear small red rash (diaper), may increase the temperature to 37.5.

The COUNCIL. The child is stripped naked, wiping towel soaked in room temperature water, and air baths for 20-30 minutes. In the suppression of the sweating sickness will help bath with chamomile or succession and, of course, a reasonable amount of clothing. The air in the nursery must be fresh.

3. When the baby is cold . his crying begins sudden piercing cry, which gradually becomes quiet a long whimper, accompanied by movement of the arms and legs, hiccups. But do not rush to coddle the child – that the child is freezing evidenced by cool skin of the chest, abdomen, back.

The COUNCIL. Can be worn on the legs warm socks, and pens — gloves, or warm them in warm water, but don’t need to coddle the child in a blanket.

4. Crying because of tight swaddling or pressure of some part of clothing starts with a quiet whimpering, then gradually turns into a protester shouting, continues in the form of quiet crying, baby restlessly kicks arms and legs, trying to turn around.

The COUNCIL. Even our grandmothers believed that this swaddling “a soldier” will help in the future to have slender legs. Don’t believe it! Enable your little one to freely move the legs and handles. It is better to use loose swaddling or clothing small size – newborn.

5. A baby may cry when hungry . if he ate little during the previous feeding. In such cases, distributed or demanding emphatically pleading loud cry from the dejected expression on the face.

The COUNCIL. Don’t wait until the required 2.5–3 hours, feed your baby on demand (or your baby does not get the weight, and even worse, shout yourself a hernia). This feature newborns need to remember young mothers!

6. Crying during feeding may be associated with inflammatory process in the mucosa of the mouth or inflammation of the middle ear. In the latter case, crying very loud and shrill. When a child begins otitis media, there is pain when swallowing. So even a hungry child, eagerly grabbing the nipple or bottle, making the first SIP, immediately comes off the breast (bottle) and gets very hard to cry.

The COUNCIL. Consult a pediatrician and pediatric ENT doctor.

7. Crying after feeding . when the child nervously fingering (kicks) legs, namasivayam forehead, zazhmurivaet eye is most often caused by pain in the stomach because of air trapped in the sucking together with milk.

The COUNCIL. You need to properly apply the child to the breast. The child needs to capture not only the nipple but the nipple area. During suckling should not be heard smacking sounds. If your baby is crying and you are immediately applied to the chest, then the child will be sure to burp the air. If in the nipple air is present, the child will inevitably swallow. But even with all of the rules of feeding, after eating, the child should wear a column for 15-20 minutes.

Why the baby cries?

8. Many children of the first months of life suffer from intestinal colic . Such a cry is characterized by shrill cries, between which there are short breaks.

The COUNCIL. First try to warm the baby, pick him up, push yourself. On baby’s tummy can put a hot water bottle with warm water or wrap, rolled four times and pressed with a hot iron. Often helps activated charcoal or enterosgel. Intestinal colic children always gave dill water.

Now on sale there are many children’s herbal teas and chamomile, fennel, mint, but all of these teas — sweet and sugar and its analogues enhance fermentation in the gut, so after tea the children can cry even more.

Better before the prescription of any treatment, consult a doctor.

9. Cry during urination indicates inflammation in the urinary tract. Seriously, if this is combined with a high temperature.

The COUNCIL. Immediately call your doctor and take the blood and urine tests. It could be cystitis or pyelonephritis. PAH-PAH.

10. The cause of crying during bowel movements are painful irritation from small cracks in the back passage. More often it concerns children who are prone to constipation. However, there may be damage to the lining of the anus or incorrect introduction of the vapor tube or rectal suppository.

The COUNCIL. In this case, from any irritation of the anus should at some time be abandoned.

11. Long whimpering crying, especially at night, crying for no apparent reason — evidence not so much of the disease, how high nervous excitability of the child.

The COUNCIL. Try to remove from his room bright light, loud music. Do not turn on when baby TV and computer. Longer walk in the fresh air. How many hours should sleep a child. the question of the individual, but it wouldn’t hurt to show the baby to the neurologist.

Gradually parents learn the “character” of their child and begin to understand and feel what he sounds the alarm, unmistakably featuring “hungry” cry from pain or cry from frustration, when the child is bored or wants to come to him mom.

Is it harmful at all to the child cry?

Of course, unwise to assume that the child cried and this has already affected his health. But if he cries for long periods of time, it means that either he feels bad or something is constantly bothering me. And this, of course, adversely to the baby. The reason for the constant crying should try to find out. The care of the newborn child requires attention and patience. In difficult cases it is necessary to consult a doctor.