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Answer questions right children


And why the clouds float across the sky? And who invented kindergarten? Why grandparents get older? The kid grew up and a lot of questions for you to provide.

The Avicenna once asked whether he was the best among peers in childhood and adolescence, because he knows so much, so much can. The sage replied that he was not the smartest, but on the contrary, children were much smarter and more accomplished than him. But among those who asked the questions, he was the best!

Children of different ages ask different kinds of questions. The nature of the issue depends on the intelligence of the child, the questions change with the age of the child. Parents teach them and instill different traits, abilities and skills. And here are the questions that kids ask, — it is a product of the activity of thinking of the child. The baby chooses to ask, he thinks, how to ask itself is the issue, stimulating and directing the development of their intelligence.

Usually, the first questions of the child — what is it? who is it? They are set somewhere in 10-18 months, when some of the children don’t even know how to talk, but you can ask question without words, isn’t it? He’ll just show you the finger, you name the subject – here’s another word in the vocabulary of your child. Develops nominative function of speech, little one tends to name things. It is important that adults do not disregarded the wishes and questions of the child, answered exactly the question that was asked. And try to answer in detail.

The questions where? when? ask usually two children. First they ask using where? when? about family members, relatives, and then the questions begin to touch toys, animals and other objects around him. Hearing the answer to the question “Where’s mom?” “Where’s the dog?”, the child nods with satisfaction, and continued his occupation.

The question is how? demonstrates the growth of the child, that he already spends using your brain more information at this age he is interested in everything: how to assemble the puzzle, how to make a plane how to cross the street, how to climb a tree, how to make typewriter…

The questions why? why? often called “smart” or “explanatory” questions. The kid asks them tirelessly, he literally closes his mouth, questions are asked from different areas. We should not prejudge the issues of the child – he just does not understand something he will explain in advance. But when the question took shape in my mind and the minds of your kid and when he will announce, — is your duty to answer fully and in detail!

And then there are children who don’t ask questions, appropriate to his age. And the questions that a child asks you, you can do a lot to tell about the author of this very issue. Parents must think about if a child does not specify the due to age issues. How in that case to do is to teach him to ask questions or to get him to ask them? Learn to sculpt or paint, to draw, to tell you, but how to teach kids to ask questions and is it possible?

Possible! Psychologists recommend, until he learns to ask questions, to do it for them – to ask questions and to answer them.

– What is it? Is the tractor.

– How to wear tights? – First, put one foot and then on the second.

– When is mom coming? – When the street is dark.

– Why it’s snowing? – Because it’s winter and cold.

– Why do I sneeze? – Because you have a cold.

You know that our children are real monkeys, they’re all yours again. And it’s very possible that the child will follow your example and he will begin to ask questions, at first simple, mechanically, and then with knowledge of the case, carrying out logical operations. And this is growth and progress.

5-6 years your child develops vocabulary, he conducts his experiments and discoveries that delight adults. And care of adults should be the preservation of this curiosity, to help the baby to get pleasure from this amazing learning process. This is why we should respond to virtually all children’s questions, then things do not exist.

You must know everything, and if it so happens that you stumped, try to find the answer to the question together with the baby. At the same time have broadened their horizons. Silence and ignoring the issue will not be accepted. The child will still look for the answer to his question. As you consider how to present the answer to the child, tell all the details because the topic may be very interested in the baby and become his hobby for a long time.

Be patient and be prepared to answer every question you a question.

But much to get involved in the responses is not worth it. Not worth the long, detailed and tedious to answer, not to stir the interest of the child. So you can kill the interest in the school, there will be uninteresting and boring.

Question, will the child to marry (marry) for my mother (father), indicates that the child lives Oedipus complex and it is attracted to the parent of the opposite sex. For normal emotional development of the child is unambiguously no. And explain that it is prohibited in all countries of the world, tell us about the grandmothers-grandfathers, their families, show photos. Tell us that and he will meet someone whom you strongly fall in love when I grow up. Here you should not go into a discussion about heredity and incestuous marriages.

Frequently asked questions concerning the anatomy of boys and girls – girls are asking why they have no penis, boys, and boys why they have it, but the girls don’t. The child needs to explain that girls and boys sex organs are arranged differently for boys they are visible, but the girls are not visible.

Kids are very curious what it’s like to make love . Answer is that people love each other that’s why they want to be close to each other, hugging, kissing. The following questions usually are: while you are making love? and can I go too? To answer honestly that Yes, we do; so you, out of love, gave birth to him. Well, now you can’t make love, but when he grows up, he will love a good man and will be able to make love.

But the child should clearly explain that no one from other adults should not force it to close and make him uncomfortable. Don’t scare him, but gently tell them that all I have to tell you.

Children are very interested in where they were before birth . Explain to him that he was small particles of moms and dads. And when these particles are connected, then there he was.

The question of how he came out of mommy’s belly . it is important to answer based on the pictures, fortunately now there are many. Explain to him, how came he, as he tore into this white light as he screamed for the first time and how sweet he was! And definitely about how happy mom and dad when he was born!

The child is interested in, is old . And the parent must be ready to answer that all are born, grow, Mature, get older — everyone goes through these stages. And don’t be afraid to say that and he will die like everyone else. But do not be afraid, because it won’t happen soon.

The child may also ask, what to die . what you answer, clearly and calmly that death is inevitable for all, and all should accept this. People die when life ends. Sometimes, as little children die, but this happens very rarely as a result of accidents.

And sometimes that adult children fall asleep strange, not typical for their age issues – maybe he wants to get your attention, he needs to communicate with you. Such abstract and Intrusive questions can be a manifestation of neurosis baby. Here it is necessary to consult a psychologist.

Interesting questions to you, dear parents!