How to raise a child, without spoiling it?
  The problem of raising children will always be relevant, because of proper education options are countless. Z. Freud at the time said that parents do, they will still raise…

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Adolescents from dysfunctional families
  Police reports last 4-5 years shows a steady growth of juvenile delinquency. We also know that 2/3 of all such crimes are committed by children from disadvantaged families. In…

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A Course of learning lessons Jackdaws-Igralci in Chelyabinsk!


Open set in autumn a group of 2-month course of learning lessons “I play with the baby” in Chelyabinsk. Places are limited, hurry up to book a place in the group for yourself and your baby!

If You live in Chelyabinsk and try to develop your kid in the game regularly, join our group “I play with the baby” from September 12, 2015! In this training for mothers and babies successfully combined the format of educational classes and training mothers to self-organize the games with the baby at home. The company responsive educational psychologist, as well as other active moms and kids You will learn to play in competent educational games, to come up with them on the go, and most importantly, to do it with pleasure!

Two months we will meet with You and Your kids once a week for group training in a developmental center and play together. Learning how to build the game with such small babies, how to make it interesting for your child and as the get infected with the creativity and joy of the game. In parallel You will be playing us at home, doing homework. And still get the online support: we will communicate in a closed group course Vkontakte, where will be posted the notes of our meetings and additional materials for learning. And, most importantly, there You will be able to ask a question at any time, and to obtain written advice from Teplyakova Olga Nikolaevna. In addition, Your annual program with games site Crow-Igralka (more than 320 practice at the moment).

“My Forte as a leading this course — that I am a real mom who just passed from the stage of its early development stage games at this age. I know firsthand how difficult the most fun to play with, and most importantly, how to change this and make the game for yourself and your child fun and useful. So nice to see him in games and activities are changing for the better our relationship with the child, herself as a mother how smart, independent and creative child becomes to 4 years. In Chelyabinsk I spent already 3 threads in this course.”

Your toddler years up to 3 years and You want to start regular educational games;

– You are willing to actively participate in the game and to learn, not just stand on the sidelines;

– You are punctual and will not be late for class.

As a result, You, as mom, dad, grandma, grandpa:

– learn about the basic methods harmonious educational games;

– will be able to conduct educational games with your baby at home;

– will work in practice the basic techniques of the games with the child;

– be filled with inspiration and new ideas of games!

Moms are always asking: “what is the course?”.

We expect parents with different age kids – from one year to 3-4 years. And this variation by age in the group we make consciously. First, kids are very different from each other in the preferences, skills and abilities (for example, one child is already reading poetry in a year and a half, and someone only three to four years). Secondly, young children love to play with older, easily interact with them and so much I want to reiterate, that is the lesson becomes much more educational. You’ve probably noticed how quickly develop younger children, when the family has an older child? And thirdly, in class, I will personally negotiate versions of the game for each kid in the group, depending on her age or personal characteristics.

Place group classes: kindergarten “Crow-Igralka” musicfan 21B) we’ll do every Saturday at 11:15.

Start training on September 12! The number of participants is limited: it is a maximum of 5 adults and kids. Each session will consist of two parts: playing with the kids – 30 minutes and the discussion with me and other moms – 30 minutes. The stories of games, as well as the sequence of blocks can change depending on your wishes. Mothers who have attended at least 6 sessions will receive a certificate of participation signed by the author methodology Teplyakova O. N.

Unique format online support for moms

You will be given a written summary of all classes. Notes and other materials of the group I’m going to lay in a course group Vkontakte. There will be open written consultation Teplyakova Olga Nikolaevna, and each course participant will be able to ask three questions personally Olga Nikolaevna.

Class # 1. Focus: Painting.

Draw this fall.

Discuss: basic techniques in drawing, interesting stories, the main difficulties and mistakes moms in the drawing with small children, the organization of space for drawing.

Lesson # 2. Focus: Applique.

Make an application on “sedobnym” theme pancakes and pies.

Discuss the possibility of combining the application with other techniques, application techniques for children of different age, training, work with scissors small kids, the organization of the exhibition house.