How to decipher and analyze the figure of the child
  1) According to the sequence: the sequence of appearance of family members indicates the attitude of the young artist. Usually, the first children draw the most beloved or the…

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Children in carousel divorce - developmental psychology
the Plan-prospectus manuscripts “Children in carousel divorce” 1. Prejudices about the divorce. Can a divorce be prosperous. The science part. How to learn to divorce psychologically competently. Family problems of…

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Friendship is a father and a child. As it happens in your family?


Up to 6 months talking with her dad we were limited to 10-15 minutes per day melting down and all *-) But for what dad always told everyone that obazhaet my little son and already life is without him. We now 11 months. the situation is already much better ;-), I need my dad with his son to leave for a couple hours, I even managed corporate new year to go. -D Now I see in the eyes of her husband’s joy and love when my son goes to dad, happy he’s coming to work with (lo) Dad and now with my son trouble, to rage, feed and diaper change if required. Although, of course, understand that there are different type of dads who are born with their children blow away dust particles. But out of different stuff 😀

Our friendship is definitely there. (X) (L) Can and could always leave them even for the whole day and soul relaxed,and they play,and eat (pl) ,and all medications(if necessary) to drink,and wash my ass!He always helped when daughter was a baby,bathed,swaddled, etc. don’t know what will happen next,I hope so. (K) (F) (*)

“Friendship. ” not even the right word))) this is a real special love for each other)))

More my dad sometimes likes))) because sometimes it can be terribly strict))) and daddy all allows the baby (which is 1.7)))) Every weekday waiting for dad from work and any banging doors in the corridor. run to the door and ask, “dad. ” (Y) (L) (K)

We have a Friendship with a capital letter “E” When he was a kid, swimming was purely my father’s responsibility, I only helped. And feed he always is doing better now and even Diana can feed. It so happens that I already don’t eat, and my father’s hands always. Maxim so to adult food learned. Job’s why they are gifted, on distillation run. And as the daughter nestles hugs and dad need to see it. When our daddy comes home from work (not very late), then the kids get up on the handle and so we walk for a while. Maxim race car first, not really playing, more phones. So that’s what dad taught us to play the machines, now we’re riding around all over the apartment. And on the big Diana rolled. Our father loves and is proud of the achievements of Maxim and Danecki. Not in vain was the one who saw our kids – this was our daddy.

Girls! what methods are there for dad to a day off, he pulled away from the TV and on his own initiative worked with my daughter 2,3 years

My child and dad to live without each other can not. Daughter cries when daddy leaves for work, eat, swim, walk, sleep and play only with dad. Not eating practically nothing, waiting for his father. Runs to the door screaming UHL’s dad Piel calls or noise turning the key. When it comes to work, she told him, even to change clothes, jump on it, to eat, trails to play. I can see how the husband to be proud of it, he’s happy.

If the TV is more important than any method will not help trust me

Mother loves the child for what he is. And my dad loves the child the more he in the son or daughter of the soul invests. Start small: don’t expect the Pope initiatives, first ask, then praise the Pope for the slightest success:” Look what you taught her! She now she plays in your games!”, etc. to Play on the pride of man, believe me, he will be involved! And let them have more in common practice that you daughter is not engaged.

We at once formed a love the father-daughter. They have their own world, their own games, words. Early months husband didn’t understand how to communicate with Nastya. but when I held her in my arms, lulled. she always listened. The older Nastya, the more interesting her husband something to teach, to play with her. If she falls asleep at the breast, you will fall asleep on dad’s hands under military songs 🙂 No one on hand she no longer lays – out, screaming. Dad calm. If I’m not in the room, they laugh, sing songs. Whispering, cuddling. Daughter is only 10 months. Where such a relationship. Alien 😀


my father’s daughter,unfortunately,rarely see each other,but I know ALL the secrets of her daughter,more than her mom!

we are still friends!

therefore, I solemnly promise I won’t tell and he accordingly and guided her gently to explain and guide without mistakes in life (H)

So that father and son a very good relationship, son grows a real man. (Y)

And if you snuggle it to my mom 🙂

And we have direct war because of me. Everyone wants to get me more attention. When I’m at work my husband and son are best friends, and when I’m at home, Sonny defiantly takes me out of the room where her husband. It’s still kind of like to walk together, but at home it’s just torture. -(

one day I say: go bathe. and then my back went out. and he to me: you. such a sin to take! suddenly drown! I already feel sick. well, of course they love each other. it meets every evening dad from work and Bouncing his mom calls!

My son is 7 months and when daddy comes home from work he nimu immediately crawls everywhere and creeps behind him wherever he went not depart from it. he is very fond of him they igrautsya crawling becatise and my son is very happy.

and we have fellowship with the father and son is reduced to 30 minutes per day and looks like this:dad came home from work,his son is happy,scrambles on his hands.while dad can dine with the child and talk.dined,son gives mom(i.e. me) and in the comp deep into the night.well,maybe sometimes small under the shower to rinse two minutes.okay,in the working days dad gets tired,but at the weekend the picture does not change – while dad is divorced from the hard drive with the child to talk,but this does not last long.if the Pope from the company tired,he usually,no,not playing with his son,and lay on the couch and falls read that the older the child,the father with him more interesting.well,I do not know.if before our dad sometimes went with us to walk,now(small 1.2) he does not walk the walk,constantly shrugs when I ask him to sit,and when I am not at home,not particularly bother – small plays himself,and let him short sheer finish :'(.