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How to figure out what’s going on in the mind of a child? Psychology of children’s drawings


Since the age of one . all children love to draw. Should they see a pencil or a ballpoint pen, so once they try to catch them in their little hands and decorate your art any tucked under the arm of the paper: a book, a newspaper, and even Wallpaper. Parents, of course, interesting to see what draws their baby. But the year-old child still can’t do anything to draw, so he draws a line, dash and puts a fat point. However, to choose the colors at this age, children can already do and because when you draw try to use bright and colorful palette.

The contrasting colors in a child’s drawing, the hectic in his heart. For example, the combination of bright red color with black speaks about the aggressiveness of the child. and the green with the blue of his mind. Toddlers two years of age are already starting to choose your favorite color and often only painted that color. Very rarely children at this age paint with bright colors, most often they choose dark blue, black, grey and brown.

This is due to the fact that the kid wants his parents noticed his drawings and picks the color that is most contrasting with white paper. Worrying about that parents should not, at this age it is perfectly normal. But for hyphens, figures, circles and figures of child is three years old already hiding valuable information. Attentive parents can own, without the help of a psychologist to decipher them and figure out what’s going on in the mind of a child.

Most children 3 years of age trying to imitate the human. They draw the head, which is both similar on the trunk, mouth and eyes, which are a line and a couple of slices. Legs and handles in the children’s picture reminds of sticks, and the neck, nose, fingers, ears, eyelashes most often in the works of art of children of this age are absent. They will appear later, and until the baby perceives the world as a space filled with people. He understands that in this world there is he who must have his own personal space where he’s most fond of. So he draws himself in a circle of family members, caregivers or friends from kindergarten. Here’s what we can learn from children’s drawings as humans:

1. The kid stopped to draw, but on paper emblazoned only one man. This is alarming. So he for some reason does not see itself in the structure of the family and feels lonely. Usually, younger children first draw, then that family member, who is considered more important. Usually it’s mom or dad, then they carefully bring the brother or sister, grandmother or grandfather, and so on.

2. The child drew all family members except the father or mother. So draw children from single-parent families when one parent is absent. This figure indicates the latent hostility of the baby by that man whom in his figure. It’s kind of childish revenge for the fact that he was hurt to feel deprived of parental care father or mother. Dangerous signal, if the child drew all family members, but did not paint myself among them. So he lacks parental love and he does not feel needed in the family.

3. The size of the body parts of the man can learn what is the opinion of the child about himself. If the kid drew himself a little, and the rest of the family big, he is too dependent on the opinions of parents. Tactics upbringing of such children should be reconsidered, too strict requirements and penalties able to suppress the individuality and autonomy of the child. Man with a small head also talks about low self-esteem of the child, so he doesn’t feel smart and confident of her abilities. If a child would draw the torso of the person clearly drawn, and the head is barely noticeable, it is a picture of a shy and timid child. Large torso and large head indicate that the child has no inferiority complex and thinks of himself as strong.

4. If the figure of the hands of mom or dad’s too long, it indicates that this parent is often punishes and he is afraid of him. Thick and big feet parents indicate the tense atmosphere in the family, then the kid subconsciously wants a better relationship between parents. The lack of a mouth at my father or mother figure – a bad signal. This indicates that the parent often scolds the kid and he doesn’t want to hear any more of his words. Also men without mouth draw unsociable children who do not have friends in kindergarten and suffer from this mental pain. If all the people the child draws with his hands, then parents ought to think about the reasons for the formation of the child’s aggressive nature. The child gets pleasure from the fact that fear him, and expects parents to comply immediately with all their whims.

Children’s drawings of children 5-7 years of age are the eyes, nose, fingers, neck, eyelashes, hair, and clothes. The more child draws a person’s face, the more he is concerned about their appearance. If the hands of a man pinned to the body, then the child grows closed, he does not feel happy. Open and cheerful nature of the child can be recognized by a picture of a man with wide-set in different directions with your hands, open palms and smiling from ear to ear mouth. If the child instead of the men draws a toothy monsters, it is a sign of children’s aggression.

In children’s drawings reflected the child’s relationship to others and his perception of himself. The analysis of the figure of the child not only extends the capabilities of parents in the detection of hidden defects in the character of the child, but also gives full information about admitted their mistakes in parenting. If the child draws every time the same toothy man, parents should think about what scares him so much and to get acquainted with his surroundings in kindergarten or to revise their methods of education.

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