I'm afraid to kill her child
  Read articles and forum, and instant tears to the eyes. I had no idea that there is such a beast - OCD. Thought I'm likewise going crazy. Thoughts to…

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How to raise children according to the rules?
  Very important for parents is knowing the rules of application of methods of education, which A. S. Makarenko called "tool touch of personality". All methods of education scientists psychophysiological…

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The characters sometimes seem so complicated and incomprehensible that all of their facets and subtleties parents sometimes are not able to solve throughout life. And it’s bad. Because ignorance traits is a lack of understanding of the child and the inability to find him approach.

Especially difficult to account for in the education of children who do not wish to contact with parents. And the reason for this becomes clear for the first time only today, thanks to the discoveries in the human psyche, made system-vector psychology Yuri Burlan.

The education of children: a portrait

A child who does not hear his parents, a child who does not Express any of your own thoughts. Child, behind an impenetrable mask which does not understand what he was thinking. How to deal with this? What language to speak? How loud to shout, to finally be heard?

But nothing helps. Talk to him succeeded with great difficulty, his interests and Hobbies are not clear. It seems that nothing he’s not interested, and the parents and does cause contempt.

There are no friends. The teachers at the school is suspected delay in development. However, if you look closely, you can see the obvious inconsistency in extraordinary manner of thinking and ability to seek solutions to the most complex problems.

How much he will be silent and close? When making new friends? When you start to live like all normal children, to go out into the yard with a ball and late-night disappear with his company? Better if he was hyperactive, and so silent, like clams…

Parenting: what is the reason of isolation

A child is not like others because of a particularly vicious and seemingly indifferent to everything in nature is perfectly normal for his type of mentality. But if parents among others learn to understand his natural needs and interests, they will realize that it is important to consider in the education of children of this type, they start to contact him, then he will be able to extrovertedromantic and adapt in society.

Sound vector by nature an introvert. Anywhere it doesn’t feel as comfortable as in their own thoughts. That’s where he hides from the outside world, if he becomes hostile. The main enemies of a sound vector – loud noises, shouting, abusive language addressed to the child. They hit directly by neural links, because the sound comes through a direct relationship with the psyche.

Near him not to shout. It should not be allowed permanent residence among soriasis people. For this reason, he retreats into himself and refuses to go to the contact. Even one very loud and especially sharp quarrel between relatives, received by a child may cause injury, the consequences of which he will feel throughout their life.

This is the reason parents can not get through to the child. In order to rectify the situation to behave with him as calmly as possible, completely avoid shouting and then he will gradually come out of my shell and he will be attracted to you. Up to puberty, after which the development properties of the vector stops and to fix it would be impossible. And the first signs of the wrong upbringing of children, such as isolation, immersion in a virtual world and problems in communication, should be a signal to parents that something in the upbringing goes wrong.