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just remember as parents in childhood was pampered and cared for us. Many of us don't appreciate that and take for granted what they've done for us now and then.…

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Who takes care of the child after the divorce according to the Law?
  As is known, no one can be immune from divorce. And when the former spouses share property values, they have to share something priceless — your own children. If…

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Parents Dream book, what dream Parents dreaming


Parents – If you see your parents in the dream cheerful and happy – it foretells harmony in relationships with loved ones. The fate bless you, your personal and professional life will delight you. If you dream you see the parents relaxed and happy in your party – you are in for a pleasant change. A young woman this dream usually portends a happy and secured married. If parents are pale and dressed all in black – you are in for serious disappointment. If they look unhealthy or sad from time to time luck will get you a party. If they have you after his death is a warning of impending trouble: you must be particularly careful in their Affairs.

Dream interpretation of the sorceress Medea

Parents in the book of dreams:

Parents Reflect the qualities, good or bad, which you inherited from your parents and find out yourself. Parents to see in a nice setting and circumstances – the well-being of your life. Deceased parents come to you with the threat the disapproval of your Affairs and their deterioration. Talking with deceased parents – get help, support.

The esoteric dream book E. Tsvetkova

Dream interpretation: what Parents

Parents – to See the dead, referring to you – incredible lead, otherwise see the Father; to be a parent – the return of lost property or Affairs, according to the dictionary predictor.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

What dream Parents:

Parents – Parents to see – means to get help, to talk to them – a sign that you will find true friendship. To lose it means to be forced to rely on foreign assistance. To see along both deceased parents – fortunately, wealth. To dream of deceased father – the loss of the inheritance, sick to see him – to the chagrin, to speak with the deceased father – means properly to understand something, to argue with him – to the decline in business. To dream of mother – to prosperity, happy event, the patient – to trouble, the mother’s breast – to the road. Dead mother by their appearance in a dream most often warns against reckless behavior, and also announces a significant change for the better, sometimes dreams before illness or death. Mother and child in a dream – for longevity and great happiness. Adoptive parents Meeting with her stepmother, even if you are not actually there – a sign of grief, vexation, trouble. To see or talk in your sleep with stepmother, mean that soon your life will be an event, which you will experience sadness, disappointment or unpleasant memories.

Small Veles dream interpretation

Why in the dream dream of the Parents:

Parents – Live – a warning of misfortune; the dead – well // death; stepfather, stepmother, annoyance, boredom.

Dream Interpretation Of The Wanderer

Parents – In General – is a model of behavior or relationships, life position, played out and existing in the family sleeping. Parents – counselors, assistants, pointers on the path, pressure, power, warning (about the dangers of the wrong things), punishment (of wine). To see both parents together – upcoming important changes in your life, blessing, another woman’s marriage. Beat in the dream one of the parents is an expression of inner protest, upholding the right to their point of view and independence – to the psychological satisfaction, harmony, reconciliation with itself and for the benefit, the blessing from the broken reality.

Dream interpretation of the psychologist G. Miller

What dream Parents in a dream:

Parents – to See their parents in a dream funny – portends you in your sleep harmony in relationships and pleasant communication. If they have you after death is a warning of impending trouble and you need to be especially careful in your endeavors. If your parents are alive and in the dream you see them relaxed and happy in your home – this means pleasant change. A young woman this dream usually promises marriage and welfare. If parents are pale and dressed in black – you are threatening serious disappointment. If you dream that you are watching on parents, looking healthy and happy – it’s a sign that fate keeps you: your deeds, your love will flourish. If they look unhealthy or sad – you will find that luck has passed by, not recognizing you, in the book of dreams. this dream.

Modern dream interpretation

If Parents have:

Parents – Help, spoil to argue with them – service trouble

Esoteric dream book

If Parents have:

Parents (live) – Source life data. Fun, young remind you that you have been given much. Old, sad you did not have the necessary initial base, but you rise above the parents. Scold you pay too much attention to the opinion of relatives. Praise you build your life, ignoring the interests of the family is dangerous.

Parents – of all people the most important for any person is their father and mother (brother, sister). Parents in the dream are a leading fateful trend any lasting or important period of our life sleeping (depending on how they look and what they do and say). The image of the father, mother in the dream emphasizes the importance of the event, and some independence of this event from the consciousness of the sleeper. The father embodies more decisive, tough, test the stream of consciousness, rock, warning, or opened the prospect that comes into contact dreamer. The mother plays the role of fate (cut), awards, desires, career, business, obstacles in marriage (for women). Positive images of the father or mother is tantamount to parental blessing and luck. Everyone else, other relatives in the dream often interpreted in a negative sense, as a disturbance, quarrel, trouble. Deceased parents during sleep have an increased significance: see Deceased parents in a dream.