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The Devil is in the rib: 10 star couples with a large age difference


That 52-year-old producer and TV presenter Alexey Pimanov married 37-year-old actress Olga Pogodina, it became known in February 2014.Office romance began on the set of Alexey “Three days in Odessa”. For Pimanova this third marriage, he has two sons and a daughter, Pogodina – second. For the sake of his young wife Alex this summer has arranged two weeks in a busy schedule, they went to Italy in a five star hotel on lake Garda. “We were very lucky with the weather, says “StarHit” Olga. – Not hot, +25°C We spend all of our time on the beach, it’s a waste of time even for SPA treatments and massages – these you can do in Moscow.” A couple of evenings having dinner in the coastal restaurants, both like seafood. 2. Yuri Belyaev and Tatiana Abramova

The difference in age: 27 years

The actors met in September 2013 at one of the festivals, were married in may, and in June were married. For both, it was a second marriage, have two children: a 66-year-old Yuri – daughter and son, 39-year-old Tatiana – sons. Thanks wife Belyaev loved Peter, in which she studied, although in the past he didn’t like to leave Moscow. “We Yura every weekend rewind in Petersburg, – said the actress. – Stay with friends and relatives, but if you want privacy, rents a room in the hotel…” the 3rd place. Sergei Mironov and Olga Radevska

The difference in age: 31 years

“At our wedding in November last year, he promised that to learn how to play tennis so that I don’t feel ashamed, I engaged in a long time – shares with “Stricom” 30-year-old journalist Olga Rudieska. – And the truth is, regularly trained, has achieved considerable success”. 61-year-old politician to Olga was married three times, his adult son and daughter. Mironov gets along with 8-year-old son of the couple. “Sergei Mikhailovich said that, doing homework with him, discovering something new”. Olga believes that the distinguishing feature of their families – spontaneity: “One day we went to Lipetsk, and on the way back have any Tula. Stopped at the intersection, and I ask: “In Tula or go home?”, although almost night already. Both in unison:”of Course, Tula!” And we went there for another day. This is like the three of us – such unplanned decisions. In the life of Sergei Mikhailovich to me that never was”. 4. Kostya Tszyu and Tatyana Averina

Age difference: 10 years

With Tatiana, the world Boxing champion met 7 years ago at a party. Two weeks later, he made her an offer to become his assistant… of work. And six months later they moved in together, although most of the time he spent in Australia with his wife Natalya, two sons and daughter. Divorce he issued on 3 December last year. Again to the Registrar 44-year-old Kostya is in no hurry: according to Tatiana, for her it does not matter, because she was already married, from her first marriage she has a son Nikita. “I was able to change on the coast his way of dressing, says “StarHit” 34-year-old Tatiana. He loved tracksuits and sneakers, but switched to business style. Clothes we order in the Atelier classic costume. Fabric and colors I choose, Kostya loves dark colors, I – light, but we always find a compromise”. 5. Bari Alibasov and Victoria Maksimova

The difference in age: 40 years

67-year-old producer made an offer 27-year-old actress in a strip club. “Bari handed me a box, and in it a diamond ring. Out on the street, a carriage with white horses!” – said Maximov. They were married on 23 July, is the sixth marriage Alibasov, he has a son. “For the sake of the beloved I lost 23 kg – recognized Bari. – It was 3 years ago when I fell in love with her. Realized girl needs Jumpy, and I’m on momenteel 100 kg”. For the year to lose excess Alibasov helped separate food: the lunch – only proteins, after lunch carbs. And the producer was drinking 2 liters of water every day. 6 place. Vladimir Kristovskis and Olga Pilevsky

Age difference: 12 years

In July last year on the “New wave” leader Uma2rmaH stopped hiding relationship with actress and model Olga Polevskoy. By this time, he left his wife Valerie, who bore him four daughters. “Children are very worried – shared with Valeria “Stricom”. – The last years I tried to return the interest Vova, although he already told me that the love is gone. I got up on skis, as he. Agreed to build a house near Tver… But then he confessed that he has a woman.” According to friends of 38-year-old Kristovskis, love inspires him to work: for the 26-year-old lady, he wrote the hits “Olya from the Network” and “Dance, Muse!” – Milevska starred in the video for this song. 7 place. Boris Glackin and Razumihin Inna

Age difference: 25 years

Because of feelings for 41-year-old singer, chanson 66-year-old actor, stepfather of the late Vlad Galkin, divorced from his second wife. Inna and Boris met several years ago at the festival in Bryansk. “It’s the love in the life of Boris, – told “StarHit” friend Galkina, actor Vladimir Kachan. – Enhances their feelings of General creativity, because they perform together: Boris reading poetry, and she sings”. Recently the pair had prepared a musical-poetic performance based on the works of Sergei Yesenin “Give my Homeland!”. According to Vladimir Kachan, unites the spouses and attitude to religion. “They are both people of deep faith. The last years of Boris felt a special attraction to Orthodoxy, and Inna, fortunately, he was in an ally, helped to drag the wound, which appeared after the death of Vlad. She introduced him to a great man – father Dmitry serving in Sergiev Posad. Now they go there often”. 8 place. Alexander Gordon and Butfor Abdullayeva

Age difference: 30 years

A month ago Gordon married for the fourth time – 20-the summer student of the NHS Abdullayeva, granddaughter of Director Valery akhadova. Alexander, the father of two daughters, not for the first time fell in love with a girl much younger than him – two years ago, the wife of Gordon was an 18-year-old student of the Moscow Institute “Ostankino” Nina Trigorin. They parted after a few months.

With Nozomu fate brought Alexander on the set of the TV series “smart guy”, he played one of the roles, and the girl came to do the report from the site. Grandpa Nosy considers 50-year-old Gordon suitable candidate granddaughter. “Alexander indulges the NHS, said Akhadov “Starite”. For example, he cooks very well. Recently I visited her, there were sushi rolls, sashimi – all Alexander did himself”. 9 place. Vladimir Kozhin and Olesya Belovac

Age difference: 30 years

It was one of the most luxurious weddings this summer, she walked the stars and the first persons of the state. The former Manager of the President of the 55-year-old Vladimir Kozhin and 25-year-old member of the group “Mobile blondes” Olesya Belovac received congratulations from Alla Pugacheva, Igor Krutoy and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Led holiday Nikolay Baskov and Maxim Galkin. “I want to say a special thank you to the great couturier Valentin Yudashkin, Olesya wrote in his blog after the celebration. – In its chic and elegant dress I felt like a Queen!”A wedding for his beloved spouse staged in the Museum-estate “Arkhangelsk”, the tables were Laden with lobster and caviar. For Olesya this is the first marriage for Vladimir – the second, from his ex-wife he has a son. 10. Alexander and Agatha Balco

The difference in age: 36 years

Last year former player of the club “What? Where? When?” and his second wife spent in hospital: a 25-year-old Agatha was worried about the pain in the heart. A month ago the doctors ‘ verdict was: “to emergency surgery, otherwise you will not live more than six months”. Two weeks later, the girl underwent surgery to correct a congenital heart defect. All this time the 61-year-old Alexander was next to his beloved – fed fruits, distracting conversations. They found each other on the show “Business girl Moscow”, Alexander was on the jury, Agatha – participated in the game. She now teaches social studies and political science at tutoring company. Despite the hard work, trying to spoil her husband’s Oriental cuisine. “Agatha grew up in Kyrgyzstan, said “StarHit” Alexander. – Thanks to her I fell in love with damlama meat and potatoes, cooked in a cauldron”.