Who takes care of the child after the divorce according to the Law?
  As is known, no one can be immune from divorce. And when the former spouses share property values, they have to share something priceless — your own children. If…

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Why the baby cries
  The peculiarity of newborn babies that they can't say what's bothering them,what they lack, but only notify crying about his suffering or inconvenience. Their crying is an inborn unconditioned…

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Early education of children


As – in autumn witnessed a conversation between two moms preschoolers. The conversation was about that, finally – that, in iusva educational services to prepare children for school.

I too was glad for parents who sincerely wish to see their children successful in school life, so that there – in school, of course, and after finishing school. Now, more than ever, competition in the labour market is known to all, she, judging by the situation in the world, “came” to us forever. The second problem – it’s varying requirements to school programs, pace of learning, knowledge, abilities and skills that the child should receive in primary school, then the principal and finally to show the socio-psychological competence of students at the school graduation.

At preschool age is laid in nature, psychologists say that begins to form the intelligence of the child in the womb. Therefore, the usefulness of early learning, perhaps, already nobody argues. But everything should be in moderation, training in the form of the game, it should be age-appropriate. All these requirements are met by training in non-state educational institution ’s School of personality development”, it is in the market of educational services in the Perm region since 1993.

After talking with the teachers working in the branches of Usvi, made sure that the classroom at an early age (1,5 – 4 years) children learn to listen and understand the music, move under it, to sing. Significantly increases your child’s vocabulary, forming coherent speech, brought up the skills in a different team. Classes for children of this age are held in the kindergarten.

For the older children (4-7 years) training to close the school conditions: cool – lesson system. Lesson 25 minutes. The number of children in the classroom depends on the age from 7 to 15 people, no more. Taught 5 subjects. The lessons of language development and literacy children learn to conduct sound analysis of words, develop a coherent speech, acquainted, if you do not know, with letters, learn «link” in their words, enriched his vocabulary. The lessons of the foundations of mathematical knowledge children learn to solve logic problems, learn the basics of arithmetic and geometric shapes through games and exercises develops thinking, memory, attention, imagination. English classes from 5 years to teach children to own ’s speech apparatus”, a positive effect on their language learning.

Currently techniques early learning offers many. But there is the main tenet of ” do no harm. School of personality development is an institution of further education and, therefore, does not duplicate the educational program of preschool institutions. The team of teachers working in groups of early learning, in classes of intellectual development, children and parents need to wish you success. And most importantly, to children before entering grade 1 said: this is my school!