Mom, I'm scared!
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Answer questions right children
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Adolescents from dysfunctional families


Police reports last 4-5 years shows a steady growth of juvenile delinquency. We also know that 2/3 of all such crimes are committed by children from disadvantaged families.

In essence, this deeply poor children, orphans with living parents – alcoholics and drug addicts. They are poorly dressed, often sick, and just hungry. The conditions in which they live, sometimes so terrible that it’s hard to believe. However, such families are not so little as that may be, I think the more prosperous citizens. Only in the last two years in Grodno them 750.

This figure from the data Bank of the Public Association “mercy Center – Family”. Its head is Valentina Konstantinovna Radionava and her assistants are convinced that it is not final, and are constantly working to identify new troubled families.

Valentina Maksimovna – yet, during his tenure as Director of secondary school No. 3 in Grodno, often faced with a similar problem. In 1994, a project of the organization children’s shelter came to the city Council.

And although the idea of the authorities as it is not in doubt, but real help to her, no one had.

Soon it was “excessive” activity began to annoy the officials of the regional, city and district departments of public education. Her tried “push”, did not work. But many of the ideas from her project of creating a shelter gradually moved into the hands of those same officials. Valentina Maksimovna no regrets about it: God is with him, authorship, most importantly, what ideas came to life in Grodno at two kindergartens there are residential group for the temporary detention of children, which was taken from a grief-parents.

More than Radionava dealt with the problems of disadvantaged children, the wider became the field of activity. One such child, the chain has stretched to another, the list is constantly replenished. Sometimes she encountered them on the street, went to their home (sometimes this dwelling was hard to call home), called “Ambulance”, to save the child from lice and exhaustion. She had helpers, people of different ages and professions, the usual volunteers who unlike some professional teachers will not say: “Why am I in school these scabies children?” a Load of legal problems took Vadim Demin – the student of faculty of law of the University of Grodno, in many issues, the Public Association “town Hall”.

Registration “mercy Center – Family” in 1997 gave the opportunity to have as “office” a small cellar, a phone. Speaking not on behalf of a public organization, Valentina Maksimovna counting on the help and financial support to organizations and institutions that are capable of it. Sorry it should be recognized that this is the most sensitive issue. From the local budget the mercy Center does not receive a penny. But he organizes food 120 children, finds an opportunity every year to send 30 to 50 children to summer camp. Collects and distributes clothing and food very poor families. Provides legal assistance in the protection of children’s rights. Sometimes, to snatch the child from the wild conditions, acts as a plaintiff in the trial on the termination of parental rights, and then draws it to an orphanage or a boarding school.

Mercy – category spiritual, but requiring considerable material costs. In the absence of a Law on charity, which would guarantee preferential in-taxation for sponsors and thereby stimulated investment in projects that help the disadvantaged, asylum means have to rely either on the compassion of the head of the enterprise (organization, Bank etc.), or to act in a complicated way through Minsk. As you know, when the President created the Department of humanitarian aid, which not only distributes the license for the right to receive humanitarian aid, but has a fairly broad powers: can through the appropriate Ministry “to ask” the management of the company to assist the mercy Center. The system is distorted hideously, but with strict centralization of everything about the other guy can do.

Now Valentina Maksimovna with his assistants, starts the implementation of the project (in Belarus like this one) on the organization of a shelter for children who have graduated from high school, living in a boarding school or orphanage. After studying, they are obliged to leave the institution and return home (if any) or to live in the Dorm in case of admission to College or another school. But the trouble is that most of these Teens are absolutely not adapted to life. And many return to the same environment from which they once threw up, adding to the army of drunks, prostitutes, drug addicts and, finally, criminals.

The house, which creates the Center will be designed for 70 of the graduates of orphanages and boarding schools. With his socio-psychological service, legal and medical assistance. It is expected that adolescents will be able to stay here until adulthood, and even longer until you find your place in life. But in this they will be helped by psychologists, teachers, lawyers.

A decisive step towards the solution of the main issue – areas. The mercy center is proposed to use two-storey building of the former kindergarten on the street lelawala, 12. Suggested, among other things, the Chairman of the Executive Committee A. Pashkevich. However, when it came to a specific agreement on the lease, the Center has implemented very stringent conditions: the building must be reconstructed and brought into readiness for two years and at the expense of the initiators of the project. Otherwise (i.e., if the reconstruction will not be fit in time) the education Department of Kastrychnitski district of Hrodna dissolve the contract with mercy Center without any reimbursement of costs.

According to preliminary calculations, the reconstruction will cost 6-8 billion. What counts social organization, which itself does not earn money? Valentina Maksimovna optimistic in life. She believes that the world is not without kind people. Helps same Grodno Korabyelnaya for the second year to feed children from poor families, has found the Fine-cloth combine funds to give to those who patronized by the mercy Center, warm blankets…Definitely will have to act and as previously described through Minsk, but the greatest hope Valentina Maksimovna on kindness, compassion and understanding of ordinary citizens.

Of course, the initiators of the project understand that one shelter will not solve all the problems of social rehabilitation of adolescents from dysfunctional families, but this will be the beginning, for which, in the opinion of Radonaway, there must be a whole network of such Houses. While it is not, on the effective assistance of one of the most socially vulnerable groups of citizens can not speak.