Children in carousel divorce - developmental psychology
the Plan-prospectus manuscripts “Children in carousel divorce” 1. Prejudices about the divorce. Can a divorce be prosperous. The science part. How to learn to divorce psychologically competently. Family problems of…

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Developmental activities at home
  Every mother wants to give your baby only the best. To 5 years of a child's incredible ability to absorb information, and a desire to get it more urgent…

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Developmental activities at home


Every mother wants to give your baby only the best. To 5 years of a child’s incredible ability to absorb information, and a desire to get it more urgent than ever.

Classes in early development have now become popular worldwide.

It’s great when there is an opportunity for parents to give the child to the club early development, where they will engage true professionals. But if this is not possible, do not despair nor to howl. You can always do themselves at home. And let it will require you some effort and time. It’s okay, but

the results will be. The main thing feel about the practice seriously.

They should be conducted regularly and not occasionally.

Also, they should include the development of all areas related to speech, thinking, and musical skills, creativity, and intuition, and sensory crumbs.

To engage with the child is necessary only in a good mood. In the classroom between you getting better an invisible bond of mutual understanding and trust to each other.

We’re even in the club always recommend moms even adult children to do together with their children. It is very important for the child to have a mother. So she gave him her attention and gave her love. The children are so starayutsya do mothers enjoyable. How their eyes Shine when they give their grandmothers, mothers, fathers, grandparents crafts. Or treat, cooked in the classroom, Goodies from around the world.

Choose a flat place to practice — a table, where you will be engaged in creativity, the center of the room where you will be playing outdoor games. Ah, Yes, should not be limited only to the apartment.

How much space on the street. It can do sports, and math, and reading (reading the signs on the shops), and physics ( all depends on your ingenuity). Show your child examples of how physical laws work. For example, why does the ball eventually stops. Why is it difficult to go on the sand on the bike. Why freeze puddles, etc. Razgovarivati with the child as with an adult.

For the program of learning lessons, you will need educational toys for the development of attention, thinking, memory, imagination, fine matariki, sensory, musical instruments, educational books. Very good series of books «7 dwarfs». This sets of books for 1 year for all ages. And cubes Zaitseva also a good thing.As well as talk with the seller that you need to purchase another.

And remember one moment that aged from birth to 2 years educational toys are selected to 6 months in advance.

Be sure to make a schedule for the month and your practice. And strictly stick to it. If feel. that some knowledge is not enough, now a lot of benefits for parents, disks with children’s classes and courses where you can learn the techniques of teaching. If knowledge in some area is clearly lacking, for example, English or swimming, and you can be like advanced courses on early development.

Your classes should all have a purpose. What you revivethe in this game. And try to follow that goal. Pay attention to the crumbs that he did something himself. Roughly rejoice in his success, clap your hands. The kid is very interesting is your reaction ))

And always end the lesson a little earlier than it will bother the baby.

And to start the lessons is the fact that your perfectiona task interested child. All kids love water? offer to get out of the basin of water.

Play around with granular chemicals, cereal, or sand. The kids really love it.

Include classical music in the classroom. It develops hearing, sense of beauty in the baby.

Put before the child tasks in a playful way. Let trying to figure out how to solve them. Thus, we have created the extent of intellectual capabilities of your kid. Strong desire for knowledge — the key to development.

Engage with him in all possible ways, do not miss drogotsennogo time. You have time up to 5 years. But remember, sometimes the child needs to play and one to think about how to solve a particular problem, how to deal with a particular toy. If the child is concentrating on doing something, never hinder, or interrupt his thought process. At this very moment, playing himself, he learns to make decisions samostojatelno and learn to think.

Good luck to you in the development of your kids.

And we are waiting for you in our classes early development of the club Metland.