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How to learn to get up early? Practical tips


Imagine that you walk on the whitest beach and feel the warmth of bright sunlight. The sea breeze refreshes your body with its cold breath. The waves swaying peacefully in the infinite expanse of everywhere and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. But then the clouds gather, the sea begins to rage and dealt a nasty moans alarm…

Oh, how wonderful it is to bask in the comfortable bed in the morning. But it’s a Paradise of fun can’t last forever. As great as were feeling, just going to have to get up and go get ready for work/school. But maybe we should not? Maybe it’s better to have a good rest, to gather strength for the coming day? In principle, at work nothing important, you can do without me. And at school you can skip the first couple… Yes, if I sleep a bit, not anything terrible to happen. So, alarm clock, come here, and now… you die!

Know the situation? I think everyone will be able to remember more than one story about how he begged the alarm delay time for a few more minutes to enjoy wonderful bliss. The result has been a shift schedule, all had to do for a few minutes and in General, the mood during the day left much to be desired. I like the situation has become even dearer after the experiment with healthy sleep. Can read the introductory post and the results of the experiment .

Actually, in one of the days of five-hour Wake-up and I got the idea to write this post. For the whole month of active practice, I have worked out several ways and methods that make it easy to Wake up in the morning and start doing things. I must say that at first there will be problems in waking up, because the body is not yet accustomed to such rises. But within 2-3 days it should pass, unless you change your mind to do it. In the extreme case can read my post about how to develop willpower .

How to learn to get up early

Before you give any advice, it’s worth noting that the effectiveness of revival depends not only on how many hours you spent on sleep, but what did you do before bedtime. Many are not paying attention to their evening Affairs, because of what suffer from insomnia.

Remember that if you want a really good night’s sleep and in the morning you will not encounter problems with the revival, in the evening, you need to set the mood for bedtime. Before you sleep, think about how good you will rest for those N hours. How much fresh strength you will have in the morning, and how easily you will be able to Wake up. To imagine this process of awakening. In practice checked that after such visualization is much easier to overcome drowsiness. I remember in my childhood I convince myself that I need to Wake up very early to get ahead of everybody eats raspberries. And it worked. By the way, you can read my post in the topic “Visualization of desires “.

So, then there are practical tips about how to learn to rise early in the morning.

A glass of water. Prepare yourself evening with a glass of water and put it somewhere next to the bed. As soon as you opened your eyes and turned off the alarm, immediately drink it. First, the water will seem incredibly tasty, as the body noticeably lost moisture. Secondly, only one glass of water is able to resume your body. Starts working all: stomach, kidneys, brain, etc. And since everything is already working, and drowsiness slowly disappears. And for health it, said to be useful. In the end, you can throw this water on your face, if the mind does not want to Wake up.

Box and alarm clock. Sounds like the title of a story, right? Actually this method is applicable only in the winter and I went to him quite spontaneously. One morning, barely awake, I decided to make a breath of fresh air, forgot to close the window and successfully decided to continue the NAP. However, soon the room became so cold that there’s not something to sleep, only to be was impossible. So that I can PM to leave the alarm clock near the window, and immediately after waking up to open it and go to sleep. Soon nature will Wake you up myself.

Become a zombie. Actually it is possible not to include the brain and just start doing morning things. But in this case, it is preferable to start the morning with water treatments to finally Wake up. But, for example, morning exercises you can do and fully realizing it, the mind will start gradually. Here, too, require some willpower, but you’ll need much less to force myself to do everything consciously. This method I used in the first days of the experiment. I guess from the outside it looks funny: stand with your eyes closed and do the rotation.

Start slowly. If to speak about the early awakening, we should not immediately jump from 08:00 to 05:00. Yes, I do, but only for the sake of experiment. Actually preferable every day to reduce the rising time by 5-10 minutes. So, today you can Wake up at 07:55, tomorrow at 07:45, the day after tomorrow at 07:40. And so gradually reach the time that you need. Then the body will not experience stressful situations, and it will be easier.

Creative solutions. You can use any standard solutions for this problem. For example, OZON I once saw a flying alarm clock. That is, when it comes time to stand up, the propeller begins to spin, raises the alarm in the air and begins to move in an unknown direction. The perfect way to Wake up, because to turn off sounds nasty, it will be necessary first to run through the house. You can come up with their solution only do not wounded yourself (I’m serious).

Ask your wife/husband/relatives. If with you are people who Wake up quite early, we can ask them to Wake you up. It should be said that they woke up, even if you constantly refuse. This option is preferable, because if you go back to sleep there is someone, you will be able to raise. It’s like your boss.

Plan some important things. Those who once went to visit know that if you need to Wake up early, make sure the condition and any excuses seem completely absurd. I’m not talking about the fact that every day you need to plan a trip, but you can promise to do some important business. For example, tell the employer that will send a text early in the morning. Or promise to take each other out of the house and go somewhere. Can schedule something important for yourself. One option: to tell all that now stands at exactly 0N:00. Yes, I’ve done that.

I decided not to remember basic solutions, such as an alarm clock in another room. All methods and techniques described above are tested by me and confirmed by the quality certificate Starkov.Su. So, you can safely use them. I hope you try it and my skin will feel like to get up early. Can ask questions in the comments – be sure to answer. For SIM I deleted. Bye!

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