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To sleep or not to Sleep with the child during the day


My mom always many questions about the child’s daily routine and NAP. Now most moms hold nurse on demand, so in the first six months the baby is no certain mode.

When I read articles about child development by months, I was always alarmed that the information in them is different from our reality. Namely, my son never slept as much as was stated in the articles, neither the amount nor duration. And indeed in some articles these far apart.

So how much needs to sleep during the day child?

To year we are faced with a problem. The child did not want the evening to bed. No rituals did not help. On the advice of a neurologist in the first place asked about the mode of the day. It turned out that for us to sleep during the day 2 times is too much.

But how? I wondered, because if you read the recommendations, the children up to the age of two can sleep twice a day is the norm.

In fact, the need for the child to NAP is determined by the maturity of his nervous system. That is, we can say that the need for daytime sleep is individual for each child.

Thus, to determine how much needs to sleep during the day baby, mom, watching him. By the way, if the baby sleeps in one less than one and a half hours, it’s a dream doesn’t count.

Therefore, if your child is aged one year and older and sleeping during the day 2 times, but only for an hour, it’s time to move to 1 NAP.

To the year the child is already possible to form a specific mode. Easier to organize NAPs right after lunch, and after sleep to offer your child a snack.

I myself hand and foot for the day. It simplifies the life of the mother and the child. Of course, to observe the minute’s not necessary. Often it is necessary to adjust, for example, visiting a clinic.

Day dream of a child after two years, as a rule, already one and a duration of 2.5-3 hours. At this age the child may be days when he can refuse to sleep during the day. To force a child to sleep is useless, in such cases, NAPs can be associated with stress, punishment.

Understand why your child refuses to sleep? Maybe his refusal is associated with the onset of the crisis three years. Or today, a child woke up this morning later than usual, and maybe was very interested in the game?

However, periodic failures of daytime sleep is not a reason to abandon it altogether. According to his son say that children 2-3 years old still need to NAP. If NAPs was missed for any reason, then in the evening will come fatigue. The child literally fall asleep on the way, it happened that right at the table with spoon in mouth sleeping.

But if not to take him at least an hour and a half, the problems appear even with the departure to the night sleep. It would seem, should just fall down and sleep. But no, the fatigue makes itself felt, and the child to sleep is even more difficult to appear whims, unreasoning hysteria.

Why would the baby NAPs?

Daytime sleep is not ours, parental, whim. A small child needs to sleep during the day, because during sleep restores the energy spent on active play.

Daytime sleep helps to relieve tension of the nervous system and protects against fatigue.

During sleep occurs maximum production of somatotropin, known as “growth hormone”.

You should always focus on the child’s condition. If you notice signs of fatigue up to one hour of sleep mode, then simply place it early. It’s okay if sleeping through lunch.

If a child is sick or just very tired for the day, you can let him sleep a little longer and, instead of waking up, because it’s time to Wake up.

Children older than two years can refuse from sleeping all day not just occasionally, but constantly. If the child feels well, is happy and energetic, this suggests that his nervous system is strong enough. However, you may encounter a problem, because in kindergarten mandatory quiet time. Usually recommend to teach a child to lie quietly in bed the allotted time.

How to put the baby to sleep during the day?

The child must first get tired. Alert and active baby to sleep during the day will be difficult. Many forces children spend on the walk, so it makes sense to walk before lunch. By the way, about dinner. It should not be heavy. It is best to offer your child the soup.

No less important situation. Usually with Yura we collect toys, close the curtains, and straighten the bed. You can dress the child in pajamas. Kids love a nice cozy things, maybe even with your favorite character from the movie. Buy beautiful pajamas for the baby can be in any children’s clothing store. All this helps to tune in, the child understands that we were about to go to bed.

You can include a lullaby or sing a song. More children calm stroking. It is more convenient and easier to fall asleep together. Generally in society moms baby easier fall asleep, though sometimes there are exceptions.

Was a bit intimidating, and as will be son to sleep in the garden, I will not close. But no, my fears proved groundless. First, we Wake early, and secondly in the garden of the game more actively. One day, Yura even fell asleep at the table, so tired.

As you can see, daytime sleep is very individual. Someone is sleeping a few times, some only one. So no need to worry. Watch a child and you learn to understand his needs and desires.

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