How to raise a child, without spoiling it?
  The problem of raising children will always be relevant, because of proper education options are countless. Z. Freud at the time said that parents do, they will still raise…

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Poems about parents poems, literature
just remember as parents in childhood was pampered and cared for us. Many of us don't appreciate that and take for granted what they've done for us now and then.…

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Children steal. Why?


If you ask: “if any of you dear parents that their children grew up a thief?” Probably would answer: “Yes God forbid!” And then you will tell the child that stealing is wrong, for it put him in prison. But after an hour or two, to the annoyance of ads for expensive cars that hit you in the midst of an interesting film, involuntarily exclaim that an honest man, and a lifetime won’t earn as much…

And then you’ll come to “spark” your friend and tell how his neighbor is well settled “drives” abroad copper wire, and have built a house in Cyprus. And the kids hear everything and wound on a mustache. How in such situation to bring honesty? How to develop native Chad hard immunity to other people’s things?

Indeed, it is difficult to understand a grown man, why are his child. which the commandment “thou shalt Not steal” was invested in the ears with very tender age, yesterday suddenly brought from kindergarten someone else’s toy. “Today he pulls the thing out of my pocket, and tomorrow what? – drain the family Bank!” And an angry parent is taken for the belt. To beat a child and scold him, not the solution. It is best to talk to him heart to heart Continue reading

Unlike the unmotivated child stealing and plain stealing, kleptomania, as a form


Unlike the unmotivated child stealing and plain stealing, kleptomania, as a form of behavioral addiction is a painful condition. Kleptomania is a mental disorder, a disease that is not related to social position. Kleptomania is manifested compulsive stealing, and people not stealing for the sake of values, but for the sake of the process. Stolen items he loses, Oh

Tday or forgets about them. Often kleptomaniac sincerely trying to give up the habit to steal, but can’t cope with it, sometimes he just doesn’t remember how it all happened and usually not making much effort to “cover your tracks” [13, p. 54].

Kleptomania is a disease that is very rare. To encounter it in real life is highly unlikely. From the General population suffer from kleptomania about 0.05% of people. Stolen things they don’t need, they just stack up. True painful reasons hidden deep in the subconscious, they are usually formed in early childhood.

Kleptomania, self-destructive form of behavior is dangerous, especially for the person suffering from the addiction. Man, periodically is in a state of extreme stress. In addition, kleptomaniacs suffer from depression, as they know their inclination, are ashamed of it, the result is a severe guilt complex, and since they Continue reading

LECTURE 5. The senses

1. The senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, skin sensitivity)

Vision. Bookmark eye occurs on the 3rd week of fetal development. To the birth of the development of the eye and of the visual analyzer is not completed.

For the newborn characterized by moderate photophobia, his eyes almost permanently closed, pupils contracted, the lacrimal glands do not function.

With 3 weeks, the child steadily binocular fixes his eyes on still subjects and a short time watching live.

In 6 months the child sees the bright yellow and red colors, steadily coordinates eye movements.

To 9 month installed capacity stereoscopic perception of space, there is a sense of the depth and remoteness of the location of objects.

To the year the child can perceive geometric shapes. After 3 years, all children have a developed color vision. In 4 years achieved a maximum visual acuity, a child is ready to start reading.

Hearing. The ear of the newborn morphologically sufficiently developed.

Newborn hears, and his reaction to the sound is expressed in General motor reactions, scream, change the frequency and rhythm of heartbeat or respiration, ECG and EEG.

In subsequent improved the sensitivity of auditory Continue reading

Aggression in young children is the Development and education of the child
  Many children go through a period between two and four years - when the beats and biting is a form of communication, often the only one to Express this…


Tools of pedagogical influence - How to bring up children in the family
  Topic "mother's "why?"", where on the issues associated with raising the little ones, will be answered by experienced professionals. Will print the advice of moms and dads gleaned from…

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