How the relationship between parents affect the development and education of the child?
  I asked Light - Goddess, Julia - Miss Julie, the other girls about what interesting things I have learned in the previous training module. A lot of that is…

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System-vector psychology. What to do if your husband has a child?
  Violence against children in the family is always amazing, especially when we see them nose to nose. The helplessness in this situation, the inability to help the child, empathy…

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LECTURE 5. The senses

1. The senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, skin sensitivity)

Vision. Bookmark eye occurs on the 3rd week of fetal development. To the birth of the development of the eye and of the visual analyzer is not completed.

For the newborn characterized by moderate photophobia, his eyes almost permanently closed, pupils contracted, the lacrimal glands do not function.

With 3 weeks, the child steadily binocular fixes his eyes on still subjects and a short time watching live.

In 6 months the child sees the bright yellow and red colors, steadily coordinates eye movements.

To 9 month installed capacity stereoscopic perception of space, there is a sense of the depth and remoteness of the location of objects.

To the year the child can perceive geometric shapes. After 3 years, all children have a developed color vision. In 4 years achieved a maximum visual acuity, a child is ready to start reading.

Hearing. The ear of the newborn morphologically sufficiently developed.

Newborn hears, and his reaction to the sound is expressed in General motor reactions, scream, change the frequency and rhythm of heartbeat or respiration, ECG and EEG.

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Classification of children’s fears


These fears arise acutely in response to emotional distress. In a fit of fear, the child is torn, screaming, constantly talking about the object or phenomenon, which scared believe in this fear, imagining it to be bright and colorful, up to hallucinations. Between bouts of fear, the child almost healthy.

4-year-old girl was afraid of the doctor . Periodically I think back on it, she screamed, cried, refused to attend the clinic. Another approximately at the same age were afraid of the spider and at the sight of the insect screamed, afraid to sleep, demanded that the mother bedtime carefully shook out the blanket, because there might be spiders.

Depending on the child’s personality neurotic fears are transformed into overvalued fears. These children fear dominates the mind, the child is difficult to dissuasion. The younger children (7-9 years) among overvalued fears should highlight the “ fear of the school “: the fear of failure, fear of punishment for breaches of discipline, fear of strict teachers, which can lead to failures to attend school.

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What skills should your child at 1 month of life: the essential skills, tips for parents


Physical development

Most of my time the first month (about 20 hours a day) the newborn is asleep. Most often in the dream the baby is in position “frogs” – lying on his back, raising his stick, bent at the elbow and extending to the sides bent legs. Some children are sleeping on your stomach, pulling your knees to your chest and turning his head to the side. Pediatricians recommend exactly put babies, because in this position, the sleep of the child is much calmer and less have colic.

During waking the baby makes arms and legs uncoordinated movements. This is because the muscles of the baby are in physiological hypertonicity, which is usually held towards the end of the third month. If your baby while she is awake, put on his tummy, he will lift the head and try to hold it for a few seconds.

The sight of the baby are still not perfect, but by the end of the first month of life he can already distinguish faces, smiles, to follow a bright toy

How is eyesight, facial expression, hearing, and speech?

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