Parent and child
  Interview with a clinical psychologist Children's hospital of St. Mary Magdalene Pavel Vladimirovich Mamayev – Pavel Vladimirovich, what point of development the child can talk about the psyche? it…

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A Spoiled kid, problems and solutions
  Many believe that between the words "not educated" and "spoiled" you can put a sign of equality. Only it's not. Child indulge valuables, eternal indulging his whims and a…

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Parent and child


Interview with a clinical psychologist Children’s hospital of St. Mary Magdalene Pavel Vladimirovich Mamayev

– Pavel Vladimirovich, what point of development the child can talk about the psyche?

it ’ s Mental development of the child begins in utero. It was at this time forming the basic characteristics of mental processes. It is difficult to determine, whether inherited or that trait, or it is formed at the earliest stages of development. Mother and unborn child – one organism. So those experiences that mother feels, to a certain extent, is also a little child. When the baby is born, he finds himself in very unusual conditions. Now much has been written and spoken about the importance of the first latch. Among other things, this is one of the most important moments of mental development, when formed by the basic trust in the world. World for a child may be assessed as a friendly phenomenon, with which you can interact on a confidential basis, to use its resources, to transform it. Conversely, the child may perceive the world as a hostile environment, where all unknown poses a threat. Such children are visible at once. They can be trapped, enslaved, may show protective aggression. Basic trust in the world is entirely dependent on the mother, her relationship to the child.

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The education of the Child, the Severity or Softness?


For many new parents this is a difficult question the severity or softness in the child’s upbringing. The vast majority of new parents soon find the answer to this question. But for some, it remains an unsolved problem, despite all the experience.

First of all I should clarify that, in my opinion, it’s not the severity or softness. Good parents who are not afraid to insist on when you get good results at moderate severity, and at a moderate softness. On the other hand, the severity, coming from coarseness or softness, which grew out of shyness or lack of principles, can lead to bad results. The result of education depends not on the degree of severity or mildness, and your feelings to the child and from those life principles that he gets you.

Modern views on child rearing

Modern views on child rearing is largely different from the past. We imagine a clearer fundamental changes in the principles of education, if you make a little history of this question.

The degree of rigor in the education of children has varied in different eras. For example, in the nineteenth century were persistently raised external modesty and manners. In the XX century, especially after the first world war, there was a sharp Continue reading

What skills should your child at 1 month of life: the essential skills, tips for parents


Physical development

Most of my time the first month (about 20 hours a day) the newborn is asleep. Most often in the dream the baby is in position “frogs” – lying on his back, raising his stick, bent at the elbow and extending to the sides bent legs. Some children are sleeping on your stomach, pulling your knees to your chest and turning his head to the side. Pediatricians recommend exactly put babies, because in this position, the sleep of the child is much calmer and less have colic.

During waking the baby makes arms and legs uncoordinated movements. This is because the muscles of the baby are in physiological hypertonicity, which is usually held towards the end of the third month. If your baby while she is awake, put on his tummy, he will lift the head and try to hold it for a few seconds.

The sight of the baby are still not perfect, but by the end of the first month of life he can already distinguish faces, smiles, to follow a bright toy

How is eyesight, facial expression, hearing, and speech?

The bodies of a newborn baby are immature, so he sees the world fuzzy and unable to focus the gaze on a particular subject. However, if you are at a distance of 60 cm from the face of the child, place a colourful toy, you will Continue reading

Who takes care of the child after the divorce according to the Law?
  As is known, no one can be immune from divorce. And when the former spouses share property values, they have to share something priceless — your own children. If…


Early education of children
  As – in autumn witnessed a conversation between two moms preschoolers. The conversation was about that, finally – that, in iusva educational services to prepare children for school. I…

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